Hannah Minch
Probably the thing that stands out about Ryan Kenner Photography to us is that he and his team really do want to make you happy. I got the strong sense through the entire evening that he was working really hard to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. They were very flexible, accomodating and a pleasure to work with! …… Read more on The Knot

Michael Connors
Ryan and Laura were amazing. Ultimately, we had to choose between three photographers. Their professionalism, portfolio, and great value stood apart from the other photographers, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Our engagement shoot and wedding photos turned out wonderful, and we couldn’t be more impressed with how passionate, hard-working and considerate they were through the entire process… Read more on The Knot

Melissa George
My husband happened across Ryan and Laura’s website and they were my first choice just comparing their photos to other photographers we had come across. From our first meeting, they were personable and professional, hauling in lots of photography samples as well as finished album options. I was living 7 hours away and so when the day that we had scheduled for the engagement shoot turned out to be rainy, we couldn’t just reschedule. Ryan and Laura showed up in rain gear and didn’t let the dreary weather get in the way of taking beautiful shots. The book that they then put together was beautiful! The day of the wedding, Ryan and Laura showed up early and stayed late. They were everywhere, capturing lots of unique photos and blending in with the wedding (especially impressive because we had only 50 guests). I had given them a list of shots that I wanted and they delivered, even checking in with me at several points during the day to ensure that we hadn’t missed any. I’ve received tons of compliments from friends who’ve seen the engagement and wedding photos… Read more on The Knot

Kelli Pierce
Ryan and his wife Laura were a big part in making our special day as perfect as it was. From the minute they arrived that day they began photographing everything, and as we look back over our pictures now, we are thrilled with how they captured so many memories for us. It is clear that Ryan is very passionate about what he does, and it shows in how hard he works. Many of our guests commented on how excellent our photographer was, his dedication to the job is definitely clear for everyone to see. The engagement session was really fun, and was a great way to get to know Ryan and Laura before the wedding.We very highly recommend Ryan Kenner Photography, we couldn’t be more happy with everything they have done to help make our wedding the amazing day that it was… Read more on The Knot

Alex Francoviglia
Ryan Kenner was the BEST part of our wedding! We got married in the middle of a flood, in Nashville, TN. Even though Ryan is not from the area, he managed to be early to the chapel (even though most people did not make it there at all) and ready for anything that would come his way, even when plans were changing every other moment. He went with the flow and we have the best photographs!When I look back at our photographs I forget about the craziness of the flood and everything that was happening, we will cherish these photographs for years to come.His experience in photographing ballroom dance, is perfect for capturing every moment of a wedding. He captures the obvious moments and then the ones, that you don’t even know are there, the in betweens. There are so many pictures that would not be possible without his care to detail,you will be impressed, I promise (even if you are drenched and standing in three feet of water).

Guiding Star Events
Ryan Kenner is an excellent and creative photographer. He is very professional and loves to bring out the best in your event. He captures moments you wouldn’t think about and shows exactly how the couple is feeling that day. I just saw a slideshow of some pictures of a wedding we did together in April, and they are amazing. The emotion and beauty of the day were capture perfectly. He even caught me in action. Oh boy! Laura compliments Ryan perfectly. She knows exactly what needs to be done to help him capture a great shot. They are both great people and easy to work with as well.