The Business

Husband and wife team Ryan and Laura work hand-in-hand to coordinate and delegate every aspect of the photo shoot. While their youthful approach brings an unique and creative twist to each and every photo shoot, their professionalism and client-focused approach keep every shoot on target.

Ryan’s background as an industrial engineer and software consultant is well suited for his application of technology and ability to find solutions on the fly. He enjoys building relationships with his clients, understanding their unique desires, and finding creative ways of fulfilling those desires.

Having grown up in Italy, Laura is passionate about the arts. She has also lived in Paris and Chicago, and has traveled to places such as Argentina, London, and Israel. Her travels have provided her with a wealth of cultural, artistic, and fashion knowledge that she dedicates to every client.

Initially focusing solely on sports photography, Ryan Kenner Photography’s primary clients were ballroom dance competitors. Ryan expanded the business to included portraiture and other events and recently, when Laura joined the company, the business expanded once more to included wedding photography.